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FRANK CLARKE (1883 – 1957) was the youngest son of James Ryerson Clarke and Harriet Collins. His father was a carpenter who lived with his family at Madoc Junction near Stirling Ontario. He was the grandson of James and Mary (Mason) Clarke who immigrated from Norfolk to Hastings County in 1837. They were a family with strong Methodist beliefs. He spent his early years at home and then attended Albert College in Belleville and the University of Toronto. During this period he also taught school and was a student minister. In 1909 he filed on a homestead in Rosyth, Alberta and taught school in Saskatchewan and Alberta. On June 1st 1915 he married Susan Weir of Lakehurst, Ontario.

Francis (Frank) Clarke Year: circa 1910 Place Name: Rosyth, AB At his homestead. The tent was his first home

Francis (Frank) Clarke
Year: circa 1910
Place Name: Rosyth, AB
At his homestead. The tent was his first home

Susan Weir was born on October 5th, 1885 to James Orr Weir and Mary Ann Shaw of Lakehurst, the fourth child in a family of five girls. Her father was born in 1845 to Robert Weir and Margaret Orr. Robert had immigrated to Canada in 1830 from Braehead, Scotland.The Weir family with their five daughters; Margaret, Ella, Elizabeth, Susan and Janet were devote Presbyterians and lived on a small farm. The parents both died of the flu within a week of each other in January 1929 and are buried in the Lakehurst cemetery.

Susan (Weir) Clarke Year: circa 1910 Place Name: Lakehurst, Ontario Taken at her home town before marrying Franke Clarke in 1915

Susan (Weir) Clarke
Year: circa 1910
Place Name: Lakehurst, Ontario
Taken at her home town before marrying Franke Clarke in 1915

Susan went to Normal School and taught in a number of schools near Peterborough. During this time she met Frank Clarke who was teaching at Cordova Mines. They were married June 1st 1915 and travelled west to teach at Shylo Sask. They moved to Imperial where thy both taught. Here thy started their family, went farming for two years, back to teaching; and then in 1925 moved to Froude Sask. Their children James, Feb 8 1917, William May 24 1918 and Jack December 4 1919, were born at Imperial. Donald March 30 1921 and Dorothy Jean October 11 1924 were born in Stalwart. Harvey December 9 1925 and Elizabeth August 17 1928 were both born at Froude Sask.

Francis (Frank) Clarke Year: circa 1915 Place Name: Stirling, Ontario Frank homesteaded in Rosyth, AB and in winter months returned to Belleville, Ontario to attend college.

Francis (Frank) Clarke
Year: circa 1915
Place Name: Stirling, Ontario
Frank homesteaded in Rosyth, AB and in winter months returned to Belleville, Ontario to attend college.

In 1933 the family moved to Trossachs Sask and then to Hazenmore Sask in 1939, the year the war started. 1943 was a tragic year for the family. On April 22 Donald was lost at sea due to enemy action, declared missing and presumed dead. That year Frank and Susan and daughter Betty (Elizabeth) moved to Limerick Sask. Here Frank continued to teach until the summer of 1947 when he took a teaching position in Irvine, Alberta.

Frank and Susan Clarke Year: 1954 Place Name: Irvine, AB Frank and Susan retired in Irvine, AB after teaching school in Saskatchewan from approx. 1912 to 1947.

Frank and Susan Clarke
Year: 1954
Place Name: Irvine, AB
Frank and Susan retired in Irvine, AB after teaching school in Saskatchewan from approx. 1912 to 1947.

Frank and Susan enjoyed living in lrvine and their stay was made more pleasant by Betty’s new husband, Victor Wiedmann, a local man who was extremely kind to his new father-in- law and mother-in-law. Frank taught for two years in Irvine and then suffered health problems and had to reduce his work to a part time basis in 1950. Susan was also suffering health problems and passed away on October 17th, 1955. Frank gave up the home in Irvine and moved across the CPR tracks to a room with Betty and Victor and family. He passed away on January 3, 1957 and was buried with Susan in the Medicine Hat cemetery.


James Weir Clarke was born February 8th, 1917 to Frank and Susan (Weir) Clarke; teachers at Imperial, Saskatchewan. Jim started school at the age of 5; completing grade 11 at the age of 15. This created a problem, as there was no grade 12 taught at Froude. Jim was sent to Vancouver to live with his mother’s two sisters and attend McGee high school. In 1933 Frank Clarke obtained a teaching contract and moved the family to Trossachs where senior matriculation could be obtained. Here Jim completed grade 12 in 1934; worked with various farmers and when not working lived at home hunting and trapping along the Brokenshell.

The Clarke Family Year: 1937 Place Name: Trossachs, SK From left back: Jim, Susan, Frank, Don, Bill. From left front: Harvey, Dorothy, Betty, Jack.

The Clarke Family
Year: 1937
Place Name: Trossachs, SK
From left back: Jim, Susan, Frank, Don, Bill.
From left front: Harvey, Dorothy, Betty, Jack.

In 1936 Jim and his brother Bill attended normal school in Moose Jaw. In 1937 he obtained a teaching position at Mayville School near Radville. Total wages for the year was $300, out of which he saved $100 to pay the fees at the College of Agriculture at the University of Sask. He was fortunate to obtain a position waiting tables in the dining room at Saskatchewan Hall. He completed his first year in agriculture in 1939.

In 1939 Jim taught high school with his father at Hazenmore. It was here that he met his future wife Bernice , a local high school student. In August 1940 Jim joined the RCAF and served five years as a pilot instructor and a reconnaissance crew captain until he returned as squadron leader at war’s end in 1945. Jim and Bernice were married in August 1942.

Mary Bernice Spicer was born October 7, 1922 in Hazenmore ; the second child of John (1891-1947) and Margaret (1889-1980) Spicer. She finished her schooling in Hazenmore and her Normal School training in Moose Jaw. She and Jim were married in August 21, 1942, and moved to Moncton , New Brunswick where Jim was posted with the Air Force.

From 1945 – 1953 Jim and Bernice lived in Saskatoon. It was here that Jim obtained his Masters in Agriculture and it was during this time that David John Clarke was born March 2, 1947. The family moved to Kindersely where Jim was supervisor of a Vocational Agriculture Program. On July 25, 1955 Mary Ann was born in North Battleford and was adopted by Jim and Bernice.

In 1960 the family moved to Winnipeg where Jim accepted a position with the Grain Exchange and in 1961 was promoted to President and Chief administrative Officer. They adopted a second daughter Nancy Jane who was born in Winnipeg July 19, 1960.

In 1966 Jim moved from the grain exchange to Partner and Director of Hedlin Menzies and Associates, an agricultural consulting firm. In 1969 they moved , with their two daughters, to Bagdad, Iraq where Jim supervised an Irrigation Development Program for the United Nations. On returning to Canada Jim joined the Alberta Department of Agriculture in Edmonton as a marketing economist. He took early retirement in 1978 because of heart problems.

The family bought an undeveloped lot on the waterfront of Gabriola Island, built their retirement home and lived happily there for 19 years. In 1997 they sold their island home and moved back to Saskatchewan where it all started and now live in a comfortable condominium in Luther Heights in Saskatoon. Jim and Bernice celebrated 60 years married, August 21, 2002. Bernice was a favourite resident of Luther Heights until Alzheimer disease took her life on April 12, 2003.

The family as of Spring 2004.

David completed his Masters from the University of Manitoba in 1970 and is Director of the Market Development Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Guelph, Ontario. He married Helen Harkness, a Librarian from Ottawa on Sept. 16th 1978. They have two sons, Michael, 1982, who attends Waterloo University and Andrew, 1985, who has recently completed high school.

Mary Ann is purchaser for Meridian Valves; an oil service company in Edmonton. She married David Barefoot in 1976 and a daughter, Erin, was born in 1982. Erin is attending NAIT college in Edmonton and alternates living with her mother and father, who are now divorced.

Nancy Jane left home early and later decided to go back to school and finished in Edmonton in 1987. She moved to Gabriola in l991 where she worked as a home care nurse, until she suffered back injury. She continues to live and keep busy on Gabriola with her partner Ron Chard.

WILLIAM FRANCIS CLARKE was born May 24, 1918. He attended school at Froude and Trossachs. In 1937 he attended Normal School in Moose Jaw and taught in a number of rural schools. He attended University of Saskatchewan and St. Andrew’s College, graduating in 1943. He was settled by the United Church of Canada at Climax, Sask.

Bill and Ruth Ballard, a daughter of Max and Hermia Ballard of Moose Jaw, were married September 1st, 1944. That fall Bill was appointed secretary of Christian Education for the Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church.

Lynne, their daughter, was born while they were in Regina in 1947.

Bill, Ruth and Lynne moved to New York and Bill attended Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University, receiving a Doctorate of Education in 1949.

They returned to ministry at Portage La Prairie. Manitoba, and their son Don was born in 1950.

In 1952, Bill was appointed principal of the Prairie Christian Training Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask. When he began as principal the classes and events took place at the Valley Centre. During his time as principal he chose the location, travelled Saskatchewan and Manitoba raising money, worked with volunteers building the main building and Sask. Hall and developed and taught curriculum along with others. Dr. Bill’s “Did you knows” are still remembered.

In 1959, Bill accepted a call to Zion Church in Moose Jaw – serving there until 1964. At that time he accepted an appointment as Secretary of Christian Education for Alberta Conference in Edmonton. Once again he travelled – this time throughout Alberta – doing a variety of Christian Education events and workshops.

In 1969, Bill was appointed by the World Council of Churches as a professor in United Theological College in Bangalore, India. He taught Pastoral Care and was affiliated with the United Church of South India. Bill and Ruth loved the country and the people but struggled with the monkeys and the termites.

When they returned from India, Bill was at St. Giles in Vancouver from 1972-76. In 1976 they moved to Saskatoon where Bill became minister of Grace Westminster. They were thrilled to be back in Saskatoon and decided to stay after retirement in 1983.

Bill died in May, 1989. Ruth continued to live in Saskatoon until her death in August, 2003.

Bill was well loved, both by those whose lives he touched through ministry and also by his family. His warmth and loving acceptance will be remembered.

At the present time, Lynne, an ordained minister, is serving Bethel United Church in Saskatoon. Her daughter Emma is a biologist at UBC and son Evan is a student at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

Don and Alicia are lawyers in Ottawa. Don works for the Federal Department of Labour and Alicia is in private practice.

John Herbert Clarke (Jack) was born December 4, 1919 to Francis John Clarke and Susan Clarke (Weir) both school teachers at Imperial, Sask. Jack was easy going, and got along well with his brothers. In 1933 when Jack was 13 the Clarke family loaded their household effects into a wagon and travelled some 30 miles west of Froude to Trossachs where Dad had obtained a teaching position in a school where the family could obtain their grade twelve. Jack graduated from high school in 1937.

There was little work in Saskatchewan that fall and the government developed a make-work program. The worker and the farmer would receive $5.00 a month. Jack signed on and was sent to a hog farm near Shaunavon where he worked with no days off – not even Christmas day.

During this time Jack applied to join the Canadian Navy. He was accepted as a recruit, trained at Esquimalt, and joined the navy as an able seaman in August 1939. This took place as World War II began with all of its North Atlantic terror in which Jack was involved for his full term of seven years. He spent these years sailing on several corvettes and destroyers. In 1942 he met Mora Lamond, a native of Sydney, Nova Scotia who was serving in the R.C.A.F. They were married in May 1943. Mora was decommissioned in March 1944 and in Sept. 1944 their first son Donald was born.

In August 1945 Jack was decommissioned having reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He joined his new family in Sydney, built a house and began to work for the CNR. In 1954 he was laid off by the railroad and moved to Saskatchewan, where he joined his brother Jim at Kindersely doing construction and raising hogs. The family decided to return to Sydney in 1960 where he joined the Canadian Coast Guard. They bought their home at Marion Bridge and Jack worked on the Coast Guard ship, Labrador. On April 16th 1971 Jack died of heart failure on board ship. He is buried in the Marion Bridge Cemetery.

Although Jack’s life was short his legacy lives on in his children and friends. He was a kind and decent man, remembered with respect and love.

Clarke – John Herbet – P.O.
RCN. #3520

Served on R.C.N. ships overseas August 1939
Ottawa 20 January. 1940 – 21 August 1941 580 days
St. Francis 29 Sept. 1941 to 18 May 1943 597 days
Dundas 22 June 1943 to 7 July 1944 382 days
Kirkland Lake1 Mar 1945 to 11 Dec. 1945 286 days
Discharged R.C.N. 31 March 1946
Shore Establishments
H.M.C.S. Nasden

Mora and Jacks family as of spring 2004.

Mora is living in Sydney.

Don(1944) and Maggie (Porter) live in Fredericton. He is owner of a company called Alliance Flow Products. They have three children: son John, ( JD ) and his wife Adrienne live in Kingston where JD works for Queen’s University. They have a new addition to their family; Callista Grace; born in October 03. JD has just recently accepted a job in Slovenia at the International Development Centre of Bled University. Jennifer lives in New York with her son Thomas; and Sarah with her husband Jamie have two children and live in Fredericton.

Russell (1946) and Eileen (Boutiner) live in Halifax. Russ is a retired teacKer and Eileen a nurse. Daughter Ginny and her husband Chris Brophy (RCMP) have two sons and live in northern Alberta. Paula and her husband Paul Novac, an engineer, live in Ottawa. They have one child, John Lawrence. Paula is a lawyer. Allison is a doctor in residency, and her husband to be, Andrea Di Paolo, are planning a summer wedding.

Keith (1949) and Mary (Hunt) live in Marion Bridge. He sailed with his dad on the Labrador for a number of years.

Douglas (1954) an electrician, has a daughter Naomi, living in Ontario. With his present partner Delis MacDonald , they have a son Caleb, 9 years old. The family lives in Marion Bridge.

Robert, ( 1956 ) a computer programmer, and Gisele Bourque, an educator, have a daughter Mora 11/2 years. They live in Dartmouth.

Tim, (1958) works for Bombardier at the flying station in Moose Jaw. He has a son Michael, a daughter Erin living in Medicine Hat, and a son, Logan, a student in technology in Moose Jaw.

Sam ( Steven ) lives in Whitehorse and works for a grocery store.


Donald Mason Clarke was born March 30th 1921 to Francis John Clarke and Susan Clarke (Weir) on their farm at Stalwart, Saskatchewan. In 1925 the family moved to Froude, Sask, and in 1933 to Trossachs Saskatchewan. . He loved the outdoors and spent time walking along the Brokenshell valley, hunting and trapping.

The family found themselves in Hazenmore, Sask., when the war commenced in 1939. He completed his grade XII that spring, and after some military courses during the winter he joined the RCAF in the spring of 1940 as an airplane mechanic.

Don transferred to air crew in the summer of 1942 and trained as an Observer in London, Ontario. Don graduated and received his Observer Wing and Commission to Pilot Officer, # J24711. In March 1943, at the peak of the activity in the battle of the Atlantic, he was posted overseas and sailed from Halifax on April 14th, 1943 His ship was torpedoed April 22nd 1943 and Don was declared missing and presumed dead. His name is included in the Canada Book Of Remembrance in the Parliament building in Ottawa. The family erected a cairn to mark ” CLARKE POINT’ in Lake Deschambault. We are honored to have Clarke Point named after our brother Don.

Donald Mason Clarke

RCAF – A.E.M (Air Engine Mechanic) & Navigator
Toronto M. Depot
St. Thomas T.T.S.
Camp Borden
Dunnville #6 S.F.T.S.
Hagersville #16 S.F.T.S.
Toronto #61.T.S.
London #4 A.O.S.
Halifax Y Depot
Overseas Posted 13-4-43
Missing at Sea 22-4-43


I was born in Stalwart Saskatchewan in 1924, daughter of Francis and Susan Clarke. I am told that I was spoiled by my four older brothers. I do know they were good to me and my younger siblings.

I spent my years of public schooling at Froude, Trossachs and Hazenmore. These were the years of the “great depression” and the years of World War II. In spite of this, the time growing up was generally enjoyable, both on the work and the social level. For example we spent many happy hours during the summer swimming in the waters of the C.P.R. dam. In the winters we had the use of a skating rink for hockey, ice carnivals, and recreation skating.

After finishing Gr.XII I attended Normal School in Moose Jaw, then taught for a year before joining the R.C.A.F.W.D. While in the forces I spent most of my time in Winnipeg where I worked in the account section.

After the war I attended the University of Saskatchewan and received my B.Ed. While there I met and married Bill Gilmer who was finishing his degree in agriculture. He later trained as a United Church minister at St Andrew’s College in Saskatoon. During that time he served a week-end charge at Elstow while I taught there in a Gr. I to VII class room. Upon his graduation in 1951 we were moved to Ceylon Sk. where our two older children were born.

Upon leaving Ceylon we went to Ohio for two years where Bill enrolled as a post graduate student at Oberlin College. On our return to Canada we settled in Wilkie where I taught Gr IX and X Math and Science. It was during our time in Wilkie that we adopted our son Peter, which has been a very rewarding experience. A number of years later we moved to Assiniboia where Bill became the minister of the United Church and I taught Mathematics Gr. IX to XII students Then it was on to Melfort where I taught at the Gr.VI level. Our two older children were married and our younger son graduated from Gr XII while we were at Melfort, so we went to Swift Current in 1982 as an “older couple”.

Both Bill and I retired while at Swift Current, That meant another move. It was off to our retirement home that we had built in the village of Thode on Blackstrap Lake. Ten years later we sold that home and now are enjoying life in Saskatoon among family and friends, I feel fortunate that I was born into a loving family, have had a loving, busy and interesting adult life and good health to enjoy it all.


Susan was born in 1951 She began her schooling in Ohio and graduated from Gr XII in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Then it was on to University of Saskatchewan where she received her B.A. in English and Philosophy. She married David Glaze in 1976. Both of them took further training at the U. of S. Susan graduated with her Doctorate in Cell Biology and now works in the biology department at the U. of S. David is a teacher librarian in Saskatoon. He is also a published author. Together they built a happy home and have raised two daughters.

Sarah, their elder daughter, is just completing her Doctor of Medicine degree at the U. of S. She hopes to begin a residency in gynecology. Sarah has been an ardent “back packer” and has travelled on many continents. We are always happy to see her back home. Alice, the younger daughter, is just beginning her studies at U. of S. She plays in a number of music groups. The French horn is her specialty. She is currently interested in English and History.


Jack was born in 1954. We were living In Wilkie when he started school. He graduated with his Grade XII while living in Assiniboia. Then it was on to University of Saskatchewan where he graduated with the degree of B.Sc. in Physics. He did some work in the upper atmosphere field but most of his work has been as an engineering manager in the telecommunication industry. He married Julie Harris in 1981. Julie is a historian and has worked with Canada Post for some time. She now has her own consulting company. They had two interesting years in France where Jack worked for his company there but have spent most of their married life in Ottawa. They have two daughters. Louise, the elder daughter, was born in 1990. Anna was born in 1992. They are both bilingual of course, are well travelled, are ardent readers and spend time making music and skiing.


Peter was born in 1964 in Saskatoon. He started school while we were in Assiniboia. He graduated from high school in Melfort, then went on to University of Saskatchewan and received a degree in Sociology, and a Masters in Theology. He spent time a short time in LaRonge as a Street Minister and now works with the Regina Anti Poverty Ministery. He married Pearl Yuzichappi in 2000. Pearl has her degree in Business Administration and works out of Regina. Peter has one son. Peter (Junior) lives with his mother and four siblings in Saskatoon. He has grown into a fine young man, and is doing well in Grade X at school. Most of his holidays are spent wih his dad and Pearl, much to the pleasure of all concerned.


I was the 6th of 7 children, born at Froude Sask. Dec. 9th, 1925. Our family moved to Trossachs in 1933, and to Hazenmore in 1939. I took my four years of high school in Hazenmore. On May 5th. 1943 our family received word that our brother Don, who had received his navigators wings and a commission, was lost at sea on the way to England.

I worked for John McKeith that summer and then went into engineering at the U of S. In 1944 I became a candidate for the ministry of the United Church and began my training. During these summers I was student minister at Bracken, Nipawin East and Loon Lake. Here I met William Beasdell Cameron, the only white man who survived the Frog Lake Massacre of 1885. (I lived with him for a few weeks.)

I was ordained in June 1949, and Doreen Blake and I were married July 29th, 1949 in the Church in Hazenmore. Doreen was the second child of Olive and Richard Blake. She was born Feb. 5th I925. Doreen took her schooling in Hazenmore, Normal school in Moose Jaw and received her B. Ed. from the U of S in 1949. She taught in both Tisdale and Swift Current and was a very competent and innovative teacher of mentally handicapped children.

We moved to White Fox in the summer of ’49, serving Garrick, Love, Pine Torch and White Fox congregations. Coleen and Ken were born in the Nipawin Hospital in ’51 and 54. In I955 we moved to Olena Ohio, where I served the Olena Presbyterian Church and attended Oberlin College. While in Ohio my mother died in October ’55, and my Dad in Jan ’57. Janet was born in the Norwalk Ohio hospital Dec 55. We returned to Wolseley July ’57 and here Nancy was born Dec’57 and Jim Nov.’62. We moved to Tisdale in 1966, serving the church there. It was while here that I completed a Masters program in Educational Psychology. We lived in Swift Current from 77 – ’90, serving the congregation of First United Church. I retired in June ’90, and we moved back to White Fox for two years and then on to Candle Lake where we built our retirement home.

In the fall of 1992 Doreen had an operation and Cancer was found. During the winter she completed radiation treatment and that seemed to go well. But by May it had spread and when recognized could not be treated. She died in the hospital in Prince Albert July 26th 1993. Her service was held in Grace Westminster United Church, Saskatoon. Her ashes and Memorial Stone are in the Cemetery at White Fox, Sask.

St. Andrew’s College gave me an Honorary D. D. April ’95. A fun time. I had met Betty Hyldgaard from Gabriola Island, B. C. and we were married in Saskatoon August ’95. We lived at Candle Lake for a year and then purchased our home at 720 Second St. E. in Saskatoon. Betty was born in England; served as a nurse and midwife for many years. She has a daughter and her family in Edmonton, and a son in Nanaimo B. C

At the present time; January 2004, our family is as follows:

Coleen received her degree in nursing from the U. of S. Most of her work has been with the V. 0. N. in Saskatoon and now in Edmonton. She married Alfred Falk in 1988. They have two sons, David 15 and Steven 13. They live in Edmonton.

Ken received a degree from the U. of S. and began to work with Sask Tel, first in construction and then as a design engineer. In 1981 he married Patricia Jendruck of Saskatoon Their children are Allyson born in 1983, Andrew in 1984 and Sam in 1988. Sam was born in Korea and came to Pat and Ken as an infant. He is in Grade 10 while Allyson and Andrew are both attending U. of S.

Janet, who was born in Ohio while we were studying at Oberlin, has degrees from U of S. and a theological degree from St Andrew’s College. She has been a pastor of rural regations and presently is working in a street ministry program in Saskatoon.

Coleen, Ken, Jan and Nancy all received their High school training in Tisdale. Nancy took training as a secretary; met Peter Critchley from Kitimat, B.C. He received a degree in journalism and at the present time works for the Armstrong Advertizer. Nancy and Peter were married in 1983 and have a son Gwyn in grade 9 and a daughter Blake in grade 7. Nancy works for the school system as a secretary.

Jim, born at Wolseley, started school at Tisdale, took grade 9 at Nutana High School in Saskatoon, and his grades 10 to 12 in Swift Current. He graduated from the U of S and with a couple of others owns and operates a restaurant ” AMIGOS” in the city. He works one half time as the financial person for ” QUINT” an assisted housing program. He has a daughter Piper, who shares time between her dad and her mother.


Betty was born to Susan and Frank Clarke in Froude, Saskatchewan on August 17th, 1928, the youngest of seven children. Betty attended school in Trossachs, Hazenmore and Limerick. She graduated from high school in 1945 and attended Normal school in Moose Jaw, taught school for two years in Limerick and Maple Creek before going to university in Saskatoon in 1948.

Frank and Susan moved to Irvine, Alberta, in 1947 where Betty met Victor Wiedemann. Victor was the third oldest of seven children, born on May 25th, 1925 to Magdelina and Alois Wiedemann who operated a general store in Irvine. After finishing school, Victor joined the army and spent time in Europe as an interpreter in Germany after the war.

Betty and Vic were married in 1949, and made their home in Irvine. Vie was a partner with his father and brother in the general store and Betty taught in the local school. Susan and Frank Clarke were a great help to Betty and Victor as they worked to build a new home in Irvine for their growing family. However, the older folks health began to fail and Susan died in October 1955 and Frank in January 1957.

Betty and Victor had five children. During these years they were busy with their family and the store and in 1968 Betty returned to teaching the grade one class in Irvine. In 1971 Victor sold his share of the store and worked as a hail and crop adjuster. He enjoyed this work as it allowed him to travel in Alberta, and provided some time to work a small farm near home, raising Charlais cattle, honey and queen bees for sale.

Victor enjoyed hunting and fishing and the family cabin at Elkwater in the Cypress Hills. He built a couple of houses in Medicine Hat and they then moved into the city. In 1988 Betty retired from teaching and Victor from crop adjusting. This allowed them to do some travelling, to continue to hunt and fish and work with their bees. Victor’s health deteriorated and he died of a heart attack in July 1990 Betty continues to live in Medicine Hat surrounded by her family.

The family at the present time; March 2004.

Judy December 1952 She attended university in Calgary and received degrees in education and science and is a teacher of science in Medicine Hat. She married Wayne Knight in l987. Wayne is a retired realtor with daughters in Saskatoon and Langley.

Roger January 1954. Attended university in Edmonton, receiving degrees in physical education, and a Masters degree in 1990. Roger is presently single with three sons: Sandon, Jayde, and Laiton.

Joan November 1955. She graduated as a nurse from Medicine Hat College, married Bill Glockner, a city fireman in 1976 and lately she specializes in pottery. They have two children, Beth 24, who teaches in Calgary, and Stephen 21, who attends S A I T in Calgary, working for his power engineering certificate.

Greg February 1959. He attended university in Lethbridge and received his business management degree in 1984. He has taken training in safety and is a safety inspector working out of Medicine Hat. He has a daughter Rachel, 5, and both are living with Betty.

Barry March 5th, 1961. Barry studied power engineering at Medicine Hat

College in 1984 and is superintendent of the local power plant. He married Loreen in 1984, and they have three children; Jennifer 18, Loring 15, and Victor 12. Loreen worked for many years in TV production and currently working for an oil survey company.