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Smoothy Family History

Compiled and submitted by Gladys Harper, Dianne Pammett,


Joseph Buck Smoothy was born in England in 1872. He came to Canada and homesteaded the NE 26-6-34 Wl in 1902, at the same time as his brother, T.C. He lived with them, working as general farmhand, nearly all his life. He moved to Manor for a short time and then back out to Walter’s farmyard and lastly to a nursing home until his passing in the spring of 1952.


Thomas Charles Smoothy was born in Saffron Walden, Essex on January 16, 1874. He came to Canada and took up a homestead (NW 36-6-34 Wl) in the Salem District in 1902, after spending a season there in 1897. The intervening years were spent on farms in the Napinka, Manitoba area. In May 1906, he married Alice Sarah Bird in Winnipeg, when she arrived from England. She was born June 12,1874.

They had a little capital to start farming but misfortune struck when a fire destroyed horses and uninsured out-buildings. This didn’t discourage them; they built up their stock and buildings again. They farmed near Wauchope with great success and built their house as it stands today, over and around the original homestead shack. The barns, namely ‘triplets’, were built at different times but identical, with gutters between where the rain was piped to a well under one barn for watering the cows in the winter. Made a very impressive sight! The barns, two henhouses, piggery and implement shed were all well acquainted with the paint pot, with Mom having painted one of the buildings from planks laid over a wagon.

Original Homestead Place Name: Wauchope Original house with add-ons and the family standing outside

Original Homestead
Place Name: Wauchope
Original house with add-ons and the family standing outside

T.C. was a firm supporter of ‘Pools’, belonged to a good many and was long time president of Wauchope branch of the Co-op. They had formed a ‘Pool Box’ on the farm when the boys were very young; starting with a tiny calf which Dad sold to the boys for 10 cents, with the understanding if it grew to be a cow, that all its calves be sold when taken off the mother or at one year of age and proceeds go into the box. Also Mother always saw that the last cream cheque of the month was put into the box. When the boys got older and contracted work out for the neighbors, such as chopping grain and field work, money went into the box. This ‘box’ was opened once a month and monies divided evenly between the three young men. This scheme, begun in childhood, proved a great success. The boys also exhibited at the summer fairs and showed a keen interest in all exhibition work.

T.C. belonged to and was vice-president of the Redvers Agricultural Society and was an ardent exhibitor at the summer and fall fairs. He also showed at the Provincial Seed Fairs – the summer fairs at both Saskatoon and Regina in 1929 and 1930, with the 1929 crop, and took prizes in all shows except oats. He spent many hours hand picking his samples after using various types of grain cleaners. He was a member of the Field Husbandry and enjoyed trying out different types of new grains. In 1931 alone, he had trials of Pelliser durum, Gopher oats and Alpha sweet clover, Bison flax. He also belonged to the United Grain Growers and was a leader of Jr. Farm Boys Camp, now known as 4-H Clubs. He also served on the school board for many years when the Middleburg District was formed – boarding many teachers at their home over the years.

Mom was not to be outdone by the rest of the family in fair prizes – she showed Plymouth Rock chickens, turkeys, ducks and brown Leghorns, taking 12 out of 14 prizes. She also showed vegetables, plants, fruits, cooking, butter, sewing, rugs and cured hams to great success. She was an ardent gardener and spent most other time outdoors, when times permitted, hiring a girl to do housework.

Mom never had time to spend coffeeing or having tea with the neighbours, though she was a prime mover in the Ladies’ Club which later became the Wauchope Homemakers. You associate this hale and hearty woman with the calm nature, sensible, forceful and useful things of life. She had a large vegetable garden, plus strawberries, sandcherries and other fruits, in addition to large flower gardens of perennials around the house area, and not to forget the abundance of house plants in the glassed-in veranda. There were always many preserves in the cold cellar; porridge made from the coarsest part of the wheat put through the crusher (the finer part being added to white flour for wholesome bread).

They opened their home for many card parties during the long winters and especially for Dad’s birthday in January, when it was usually the coldest day of the winter. They made a trip back to England in 1926 and also Mom and Gladys made another trip there to visit her dad and family. They were ardent supporters of the Anglican Church; firstly at Salem and later at Manor.

An article by A.E.M. Hewlett in The Saskatchewan Farmer on February 15, 1932 (P. 7) pronounces TC, his wife and his brother as a “living argument of the value to the Canadian west of yeoman stock from England”. There were no signs of extravagance on the farm, but they had two cars, a tractor with seeder, binder, plow, etc. In the crisis of the 30s, they just kept plodding on in spite of the drought and weeds.

When the work and gardens got to be too much for them and health failing somewhat, they moved into Manor in the fall of 1949, living there until Mom’s passing in September, 1951. Dad stayed on in Manor for a time, but finally went back to the farm to stay with Ted, when his health got poorly, passing away in Redvers in 1952.

"Modern" House Year: 1920's Place Name: Wauchope Image Source: 1932 The modern owner built house.

“Modern” House
Year: 1920’s
Place Name: Wauchope
Image Source: 1932
The modern owner built house.

To this union were born three sons and one daughter.

CHARLES EDWARD (TED) SMOOTHY was born May 2, 1907. He started his schooling at Salem and later at Middleburg when that district was formed. He farmed the S5/2 of 35-6-34 as well as the home quarter. He served on the Redvers Fair Board and was an ardent supporter of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Manor, serving on the church board for a number of years. When ill health forced him to retire from farming, he moved to Redvers. Ted passed away in February of 1982.

THOMAS JOHN SMOOTHY was born on July 31, 1909. He worked on the home farm until 1936, then at various farm places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, finally moving to Toronto to attend a trade school. In 1941 he moved to Peterborough, Ontario and began to work in the Canadian General Electric plant. On July 24, 1943 he married Olive Windrim. Tom tried to enlist in the Canadian Army, but was given a medical discharge when diagnosed with arthritis which severely handicapped him all his life. Tom worked at CGE until 1971, when he was forced to retire, drawing a disability pension. During retirement they travelled and Tom took up woodworking: designing and building grandfather clocks and other furniture projects. He continued to be active in Murray Street Baptist Church, and sang for many years in the choir.

Tom had two daughters: 

Margaret ELAINE, born August 1,1944. She obtained her B.A. from Queen’s University. Elaine married Brian Palmer on July 7, 1973. They live in Whitby, Ontario. Elaine retired after teaching for 33 years in Ajax High School. They have two daughters and a son:

AIMIE Suzanne (born June 8, 1976) who married Tim Rout, on May 26, 2001. They live in Kapuskasing where Tim is pastor.

REBECCA Lynn (born April 3, 1978) who graduated from Queen’s University with a Science degree in 2002 and an Education degree in 2003. Rebecca is teaching secondary school in Aupaluk, Northern Quebec; and

THOMAS Brian, (born April 13, 1983) at home. 

Tom’s second daughter, DIANNE Olive, was born October 1, 1945, also obtained her B.A. from Queen’s University and her Master’s degree in Library Science from University of B.C. She married Robert Pammett on September 22, 1979. They lived in Ottawa until 1997 when they moved to Saskatoon where Dianne is manager of the National Research Council Canada’s Information Centre. They have two children:

JENNIFER Marie, (born August 30, 1981), graduated from Queen’s University in 2003; she will complete her Education degree in 2004.

ROBERT Thomas, (born November 2, 1984) is studying Biology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Tom passed away in June 7, 1985.

WALTER HENRY SMOOTHY was born December 18, 1910. He received his education at Middleburg School. He and his brothers, Tom and Ted (Charles Edward), learned farming by helping their father on the home farm.

In 1929 the three brothers bought a section of raw prairie land and broke it up; the location being 35-6-34 W1.

They continued to help their father until 1936, when Walter married Edith Keehr and they set up farming on their own. At that time Tom decided to quit farming and sold his portion of the land to Walter and Ted; they divided one section, Ted taking the south half and Walter the north half, where he built their house and farm buildings.

Edith was born in Minnesota, U.S.A. on October 17, 1913. Her parents were Julia and Fred Keehr. Edith received all her education at Wauchope Public School. Due to sickness and financial setbacks in the family, she was unable to pursue her dream of someday becoming a nurse.

Alice and T. C. Smoothy Year: 1920's

Alice and T. C. Smoothy
Year: 1920’s

Farming was a disappointment throughout the thirties, due to drought and grasshoppers. However, during the first two years of their marriage Walter and Edith were blessed with two little girls, Carol in 1937 and Beth in 1938. These children received their public school education at Middleburg School. Carol took grades nine and ten by correspondence there, and grades 11 and 12 at Luther College, Regina. Beth took her high school education in Regina too.

Twin girls, Naomi and Ruth, were born to Walter and Edith in 1948. By the time they were of school age, Middleburg School had closed, and the children from the district were bused to Wauchope and later to Redvers, where Ruth and Naomi received all their education.

Walter was always quite involved in community activities. He served on the Municipal Council of Reciprocity for some time; as a Middleburg School trustee, also as director of the Redvers Rural Telephone Company. Walter served as a member of the board of the Wauchope Co-op and served as their secretary-treasurer; he was also a member of the Wauchope Wheat Pool Board and the Redvers Union Hospital Board. Later he represented the Reciprocity Municipality on the Redvers Centennial Haven Board. He was also active with the Redvers Credit Union.

Both Walter and Edith were active in their church in Redvers, the Dannevirke Lutheran Church.

In 1969 Walter sold the farm and built a home in Redvers. There he became employed at the Redvers Co-op, in the lumber department. Edith worked at the Redvers Centennial Haven for eight years. She and Walter both retired when Walter became 65. They purchased a recreational vehicle and did some travelling and camping. In 1971 they sold their home in Redvers and moved to Sundre Alberta to be near daughter Carol and her husband, Don. They were members of the senior citizen organization at Sundre. Walter curled with them for a few years but due to a shoulder injury had to withdraw. Edith was a member of the Seniors’ Craft Club and of the ELW. Grace Lutheran became their home church in Sundre. For several years they continued to travel by car or with tour groups.

In due time the girls all attained professions: Carol in lab and x-ray, Beth, Ruth and Naomi as registered nurses. They are all married and have families.

CAROL married Don Anderson on May 30, 1959 and now live in Sundre, Alberta. They have four children:

DEBORAH Lynn, born June 13, 1960. She married Dean Scheibner on July 4 1981. They have 2 sons: DALE Robert (born November 10, 1985) and CODY Richard (born January 2, 1986).

LAURIE Jean, born July11, 1961. Laurie married Brian Stuve on August 7, 1982. They have two children: KIRSTIE Elizabeth, (born March 14, 1990) and DANIEL Allen (born March 10, 1993).

KATHRYN Dawn, born November 27, 1963. Kathy married Paul Tziklas on May 29, 1993. They have two children: LUCAS Christos (born December 31, 1994) and MIKAELA Despina (born October 15, 1996); and

RYAN Donald, born July 29, 1973. Ryan married Robin Stokes on August 18, 2001.

BETH married Lome Hehn on November 10, 1962. They farmed for a number of years at Markinch, but when Lome became the president of the United Grain Growers they moved to the Winnipeg area, and currently live in Winnipeg. They have a son, JEFFERY Lorne, born May 16, 1964 and a daughter, PAMELA Lorene born May 18, 1965.

JEFFERY, who graduated from the University in Saskatoon, married Tammy Wallace in October 1989. They were divorced in 1996, and Jeffery has been in a common-law marriage with Sarah Robbins since 1996. They live in Saskatoon.

PAMELA graduated from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, married Darvin Schoeder on May 13, 1989. They live in North Carolina.

RUTH married Barry McNevin on November 8, 1968. Barry works for Sask Power at Coronach. They have three children:

MELISSA Maree, born September 21, 1968; Melissa married Brent Warner on October 12, 1991.

JENNIFER Robin, born July 25, 1973; Jennifer married Bernard Hartness in October 1997. They have a son, THOMAS David, born December 1, 2000. They live in Regina.

TYLER David, born June 24, 1977.

NAOMI married Zale Asbell in 1969 and they had three children: Shane, Jason and Tricia prior to their divorce in 1983. In 1989 Naomi married Rich Moore. They live in Edmonton.

SHANE Maxwell Asbell was born July 23, 1969, married Rebecca Wasel on August 18, 1997 and has two childern: ALIZA Tziona (born July 4, 2000) and DANIELLA Yarit (born November 12, 2002).

JASON Chad Asbell, was born February 9, 1975 and currently lives in Vancouver and

TRICIA Lynn Asbell, born April 24, 1978 is attending college in Vancouver.

Walter passed away in Sundre on February 21, 2001. Edith lives in a seniors complex in Sundre.

GLADYS LILLIAN SMOOTHY was born September 1, 1919. She took all her schooling at Middleburg School and on 27 October, 1938 married William (Bill) Harper (born July 7, 1915) of the Auburnton District. They farmed at Auburnton until the spring of 1941 when they moved to the Wauchope area, buying a half section of the Smoothy farm. In 1953 they moved to Brandon where Bill worked in a furnace factory until 1957 when he started his own heating business. Selling it in 1969, they bought a motel and operated it until 1974. In the fall of 1977 they retired to Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, and in May 1990 they moved to the Walnut Grove area of Langley BC. They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on October 27, 2003. They have two sons and two daughters:

The Family Year: 1926 Place Name: Wauchope The family about 1926. Back row Tom, Ted, Walter; Front row: T. C., Gladys, Alice

The Family
Year: 1926
Place Name: Wauchope
The family about 1926. Back row Tom, Ted, Walter; Front row: T. C., Gladys, Alice

DONALD was born September 11,1939. He holds the position of professional parts manager for Ford. He married Bonnie Speakman of Brandon, in August 1961. They had one son, and one daughter:

GRANT (born 22 March 1964; deceased 17 November 1984); and

LOREE, born in Winnipeg May 20, 1966, married Gordon Armstead on May 20, 1993 had four children: “CUB” born 2 February 1994, deceased 2 February 1994; a daughter, KIRSTIE born 17 January 1996; DJ born 2 August 1997, deceased 2 August 1997; and JULIA, born 9 November 1998. They live in Regina.

Don later married Audrey Jenkins (born July 1, 1948) on 27 July, 1977. They live in Langley, B.C area.

LILLIAN was born November 7, 1940. She graduated from a business course following her schooling at Middleburg and Brandon. She works for the Langley School Board. On July 18, 1959, she married Gordon Edmunds (born July 8, 1935) of Hamiota, Manitoba and they have two daughters: VONDA and VELDA. Lillian and Gordon live in Langley, B.C.

VONDA, born April 18, 1968, married Greg Dickman in August 1994. She works at the Newland Golf and Country Club.

VELDA, born August 1, 1970 lives in New Westminister, BC and works for “Entertainment Productions Ltd”.

BETTY Joan, born October 1, 1943, also graduated from a business course following her schooling at Middleburg and Brandon. She married Ed Brausse of Pipestone, Manitoba in May, 1962, and they had a son and a daughter:

TIMOTHY, born December 9, 1962. Tim married Shelly Seufort of Salmon Arm in 1984. They have two daughters, BRITTANY, born November 2, 1986 and ASHLEY, born March 6, 1989. He later married Annette Ardiell in 1997. They operate a Lucky Dollar Store and live at Scotch Creek, BC.

MICHELLE, was born November 5, 1963, married Todd Anderson in 1986. They have three sons: REID (born May 23, 1989), JARED (born April 11, 1991) and BRADY (born August 11, 1994). They reside in Calgary.

In 1989 Betty married Malcolm Millen (born 1947). Malcolm passed away in 1989. Betty lives in Calgary where she works for an oil company.

The Farmhouse and Buildings Year: 1950 Place Name: Wauchope Aerial view from the southwest

The Farmhouse and Buildings
Year: 1950
Place Name: Wauchope
Aerial view from the southwest

BARRY, born March 18, 1949, received all his schooling in Brandon. He is an electrical technician and operator for BC Hydro. They currently reside in Squamish, BC. He married Lynda Horkey of Brandon on July 12, 1969 and they have three sons, Sean and twins Justin and Jason:

SEAN (born Dec 19, 1969), married Joy Risto on May 25, 1991. They have one son, ANDREW (born Sept 23, 1993) and a daughter, RACHEL (born August 13, 1994).

JUSTIN and JASON (born May 19, 1973). Justin is an engineer and works in Fort McMurray, AB. Jason, also an engineer, works at the mill in Hundred Mile House, BC.